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शनिवार, 15 मार्च 2008

हिन्दी टाईपिंग टुल

Here is a step to installing Cafe Hindi Typing Tool.

Step1: Download cafehindi software from: http://www.cafehindi.com/
Step 2: Install Dotnet framework (Dotnet framework usually comes with Dotnet development kit)
Step 3: Unzip and Install cafehindi
Step 4: Start Cafe Hindi Typing Tool (Choose it from start->program->Cafe Hindi Typing Tool)
Step 5: See Cafe Hindi Small 'K' Icon on Task Bar, Near 'Time'.
Step 6: Right Click and choose layout.
Step 7: Switching between Unicode Hindi And Roman use 'F12' Key.
Step 8: Start any Text Editor (Word Pad, MS Word, ...), Choose Arial Unicode or Mangal Font And Start Typing Unicode Hindi.

If furthering facing some problem in typing Devnagri, Mail Me or Leave Message on: http://jlsindore.blogspot.com

Enjoy Typing Devnagri.

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